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"Anything else that you would like to share?"

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"Jon looks like me, even though he’s bastard-born. He used to muss my hair and call me ‘little sister’. Arya missed Jon most of all, just saying his name made her sad. "

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"My husband is not dead."

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"We’re gonna have a little fun instead." That’s it! That’s my center!

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Baby Laura Marling with a Banjo

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Sexy fella. #marcusmumford #mumfamily #mumfordandsons

I am I, and wish I wasn’t so fucking uncomfortable about it.

Şuradaki Untitled: We Heart It

House Elric: Knowledge bravery brotherhood

"You’re like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren’t you? A pretty little talking bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite."

Game of Thrones SDCC Official Comic Con Panel 2014

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